First Flights

by The Peregrine Falcons

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Some early demo's of songs , Proper finished versions at some point , for now here's just a taster of whats in store , enjoy :-)


released January 1, 2013

Conor Nutt and Rachel Edmondson

Part of the Supermutant Records collective.




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The Peregrine Falcons Sheffield, UK

The Peregrine Falcons are Conor Nutt and Rachel Edmondson , we both write the songs and beats and have been doing music forever , this project together is new though . hope you like it .x

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Track Name: Drop the act
If there is one i'd buy a thousand /an if there isn't as well ,
Temporary involvements happen /so far so good was how we fell ,
and the matter is minding it , for the function of frames , by the door is the window bit , give it some other name ,
"An i don't know , how this will go , but i'm just holding on ,
there's something there ,the curtain tears ,its all happening at once , oh an if you see , the way then please , draw everyone a map ,
a burning sky , returning light , arrive and drop the act "
All the grass on the street gets greener , oh an the sunshines on itself , battered bargains and devolution , seems so much more its hard to tell,
But impossibles all exist , underneath all the fog ,
not to be where attention is , keeps on losing the job..
Track Name: Expectedly
Livin in the days , where being trendy is trade , its a permanent parade, got a grey in every shade , even though its a charade , still they play it to their graves , whatever the latest craze they'll be blatantly in chase.

"An when they , think you're cool they come and kiss you're ass and make out suddenly you're their best friend ,
But if you fall outa fashion they'll be gone so fast ,
that they won't even remember to pretend "

Its all external ,all outside , they gain the world and lose their light ,
is all so fake its all just hype , as if we all just had one side .

If you're thinking like this , if you're talking like this , if you're moving like this , then you're playing the game , a game ya don't need ta play

But if you just do whats you're own thing , with pride and some real feeling , then maybe it could be inspiring cos you're living it , moving up outside the game ...